An intranet is like an internal Internet that allows employees to communicate privately. In the last two decades, intranets have evolved to be a portal for companies to share internal-only updates, in addition to acting as a file storage and sharing database.
What is the difference between intranet and internet?
Intranets are private digital spaces only available to specific users containing internally-facing information.
Internet is a public digital space open to anyone in the world and contains nearly the total sum of human knowledge.

Why is an intranet important?

  • Provide visibility across teams
    o An intranet is a great way to make information available to an entire company. Since every employee automatically has access, it’s easy to share updates from company leadership that apply to everyone.
  • Offer a centralized place for document and content storage and retrieval
    o An intranet can be a centralized place for employees to store their important documents and information in a way that makes them easily searchable by anyone who might need them. Rather than finding and sharing documents from systems like Microsoft Office or Google Drive, users can upload them to a portal and make them broadly available.

11 benefits of an intranet
1. Improves internal communication
2. Connects your company across locations and time zones
3. Helps employees find information
4. Boosts recognition and reward
5. Simplifies employee onboarding
6. Provides organizational clarity
7. Encourages knowledge sharing
8. Reinforces your brand and values
9. Reduces emails and meetings
10. Brings your workplace culture to life
11. Improves employee engagement

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