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Online Sales Increase By 240% In Four Months


Heidelberg Bread Company provides health conscious consumers with fresh, all natural, artisan breads made from sustainably sourced ingredients baked under Orthodox Union kosher standards that have an old world taste, and sold at an affordable price.

They had noticed a flat line in sales and wanted to expand their brand recognition while simultaneously increasing sales of their phenomenally healthy breads across the Northeastern United States.


  • Increase brand awareness/recognition
  • Increase sales


Pro Media developed a custom designed marketing strategy that included the use of the following:

A re-design of the bread packaging to give it a fresh, modern look.
Design and implementation of new in-store marketing for retail locations highlighting the product.
A digital billboard campaign in the Central New York market.
Introducing new traffic sources including Facebook ad campaigns to help build recognition while employing data harvesting techniques to increase the leads database.
Radio and television ad placements within desired markets. This included a thirty second spot during Super Bowl LIV.
Designed and launched a new website with:
Data harvesting techniques to increase customer database size.
Store locator with search feature to quickly find Heidelberg bread in stores.
Brand new e-commerce store to sell directly to customers.
Monthly e-newsletter promoting new online store, news/events, recipes using Heidelberg Bread.
A custom vinyl box truck wrap to market the product while delivering to retail locations.


Customer (leads) database increased by 220% in 4 months
Organic search traffic increased 180% over a one year period
Social Media traffic increased 390% over a one year period
Direct traffic increased 280% over a one year period
240% revenue increase from online sales in 3 month period
50% increase in Facebook page “likes” over a one year period
25% increase in retail sales

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