It’s important to know the digital marketing trends of 2022 (here are ours). But the thing is, from a small business standpoint, some of them are directional trends that indicate where “mainstream” marketing is headed, but not where mainstream is currently at.

I’m looking at you, NFTs.

Now, a portion of your strategy should include preparation for the future and even some early adoption, but you also need to know what is going to bring you results now.

Like, this year.
This month.
Maybe even this week

The best paid advertising strategies for 2022

It should be no surprise here that each of these paid media strategies is focused on privacy. But don’t forget about the tried-and-true best practices here, like having a strong account structure and using a cross-channel strategy (not just multi-channel).

1. Use Facebook lead ads to collect zero-party data

2. Create custom Facebook Page audiences

3. Prep for expanded text ads takeoff

4. Run Performance Max campaigns

5. Improve conversion tracking with Google Ads enhanced conversions

6. MUMify your content

7. Video schema

8. Optimize for passage ranking (sort of)

9. Technical SEO [the easy kind]

10. Social local SEO

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