Radio vs. Perception

According to Edison’s Share of Ear, the perceived audience share of AM/FM radio is 28% among media agencies and brands.  That is far smaller than the perceived 45% share of Spotify and Pandora combined.  In reality, AM/FM radio’s actual share of audio time spent listening (40%) far exceeds the 28% perception. There is a massive [...]

Proud Sponsor!

ProMedia is proud to be a sponsor of the Hometown Heroes Banner Program.  We were honored to help assist and support such a wonderful initiative that touches the hearts of many local residents and our ProMedia staff personally. The mission of the Utica Hometown Heroes Banner Program is to place banners honoring our Veterans, either [...]

What is an Intranet and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Sources:,, An intranet is like an internal Internet that allows employees to communicate privately. In the last two decades, intranets have evolved to be a portal for companies to share internal-only updates, in addition to acting as a file storage and sharing database. What is the difference between intranet and internet? Intranets [...]

Podcasting for business: the benefits, stats and how to start

from: Nowadays, people expect multiple types of content to suit their needs. Not everyone has time to read a 6,000-word blog post. Others want a quick video and then there’s podcasting - a great way to reach people outside of when they’re sitting in front of a computer. The best part? You don’t need [...]

The 19 Best Marketing Strategies for 2022

It’s important to know the digital marketing trends of 2022 (here are ours). But the thing is, from a small business standpoint, some of them are directional trends that indicate where “mainstream” marketing is headed, but not where mainstream is currently at. I’m looking at you, NFTs. Now, a portion of your strategy should include preparation for the future [...]

Best of the Best Winners 2021

Recently a number of ProMedia’s clients were voted #1 by the community and received recognition from the Observer Dispatch and the Mohawks Valley’s Official Community Choice Awards during their 2021 Best of the Best awards ceremony. We are happy to announce that Parkway Drugs (Best Local Pharmacy) took home First Place for the 16th year [...]

We Are Here To Help During This Tough Time

Hi Everyone! Well, I'm not sure where to start ... so here it goes. In this time of such uncertainty I am sure you are experiencing a level of stress that you may not have ever felt before. I know I have! I had a meeting earlier this week with the American Heart Association Go [...]

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