Happy Anniversary!

Please join Professional Media Services on congratulating two employees who are celebrating work anniversaries! Michele Zegarelli Administrative Marketing Assistant Michele has been with Pro Media for 12 years. We are thankful for Michele everyday and are honored to have her on our team. Cheers to 12 years! It's a pleasure working with you each day. We are lucky to have such a devoted and dedicated employee. Mike Verminski Internet Marketing & Design Specialist Mike is celebrating 5 years with Pro Media! Mike's creativity is evident in all his graphic and web design work. Join us in congratulating Mike on 5 great years!

Pro Media Welcomes Two New Team Members

Professional Media Services is very happy to welcome Sara Park and Jonathan Kahn to our creative team! Sara joins the team as our new Creative Director bringing with her over 20 years of experience. Jonathan Kahn joins the Pro Media team as a video producer/cinematographer and has been involved in the media world for nearly a decade. Sara ParkCreative Director Sara brings with her twenty years of experience having worked in retail, medical marketing and more. Sara started her advertising career by promoting and organizing small business expos while still living in Indiana. Her graphic design and event planning knowledge helped her promote shopping small and shopping locally while helping to build locally owned businesses in her community. She then moved into the medical marketing world working as a Marketing Manager for an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon in the Chicago area market. In 2005, she moved to Albany, NY and quickly found a home as the Marketing Director for Hoffman Development Corp. While there, she had the pleasure of working with one of the largest car wash companies in the U.S. as well as with many national marketing teams for Jiffy Lube, Simoniz, Valvoline, Mobil 1 and more. Sara's expertise includes graphic design, email marketing, social media campaigns, art direction and web applications. She has years of experience working with different types of businesses, both B2B and B2C and she brings with her a wealth of operational business knowledge as well as a passion for creativity. In her spare [...]

Spring Into The World of Mobile! Your Customers Are On-The-Go and Your Website Needs to be Too!

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, the digital age is seriously leaving you in the dust. Consumers are on the go more than ever before and if your website is illegible on smartphones and tablets, you might be losing more customers than you think. If your website is currently not mobile-friendly, it will look completely different depending on what kind of device you are using to view it. So, how do you ensure that your content is perfectly legible and your photos aren’t distorted? It’s all about website responsiveness. The web development team at ProMedia is meticulous about making sure that your website looks absolutely perfect on every single device and can even show you what it looks like on every popular device you can imagine. You might be thinking, “Will this really impact my business?” The answer is yes. This is not simply a matter of your website being pleasing to the eye. Studies have proven that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet and that they will leave your site if it is not responsive to their device. For starters, according to Smart Insights, a whopping 80 percent of internet users also have a smartphone. This means that of the people that your website exists for, 80 percent of them also have the potential to be viewing your site on their smartphone. Marketing Land, a digital publication about the industry, broke this down even further and found in 2014 that 45% of […]

Let ProMedia Be Your Lucky Charm!

Here at ProMedia, we approach everything we do with a strategic development plan. After more than 30 years in the industry, we know exactly what tactics will best serve your business to give you the largest possible return on your investment! Crafting an eye-catching, mobile-responsive, search engine optimized website isn’t a matter of luck… it’s experience, creativity and innovative design. Producing a television or radio commercial that will leave a lasting impression on your target market isn’t a matter of luck… it’s artistic ability, originality and content development. Branding your business for success isn’t a matter of luck…it’s positioning, industry familiarity and foresight. Creating an internet marketing campaign that can actually help you increase website traffic and gain visibility among your target audience isn’t a matter of luck… it’s targeting, retargeting, social media proficiency and search engine optimization. Media buying to get your message in front of the people that need and want to hear it isn’t a matter of luck…it’s understanding demographics, the market and audience behaviors across multiple media outlets. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us here at Professional Media Services! When it comes to marketing and advertising, you don’t need luck, you need a ProMedia strategic plan.

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