Just a simple email can make you stop tracks in this crazy busy world of marketing and advertising that I live in every single day! Today I got a “thank you!” Now that may not seem like a big deal to you but to me it is! Myself and my team give 150% every single day to our clients. I personally take pride in that! We are not perfect and like in any business ‘stuff’ happens that is out of your control and man that drives me crazy! I am a leader and I expect my team to follow my lead with the same work ethic, passion and knowledge that I expect from myself! They do! I make sure they know how much I appreciate them and thank them … but until today, I never realized that I don’t hear that often. I don’t expect it at all! I’m a roll your sleeves up, get the work done right and don’t expect nothing in return kind of girl.  But today someone said thank you and it made me smile! So to the client who took time to write thank you … Thank You for making my day and reminding me why I work so hard every single day and expect nothing but the best from my team! And to my Professional Media Services team … thank you!

This is a snippet of the email …

What was sent to me:
“Lisa, thanks for the great promotion and graphics for the [insert promotion] and the assistance with the letter to the editor.  The response was great and we consider it a success.  We appreciate that you always come through for us even in a pinch!!”

How I responded:
“Thank you for the kind words. Not very often do I get emails like this and it made my day. ”

Last response that made me write this short blog:
“You are welcome- it is well-deserved and more!  I am confident that anyone that you work for thinks it and says it to others but unfortunately because we live in a world where we bounce from one chaos to another, we often forget to express it words or actions to the person that needs to hear it!! 🙂 ”

Lisa M. Roser
VP of Business Development

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